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As a communicator and mentor, Dan has presented on numerous occasions at conferences and events in South America, Europe, Canada and all across the United States. He has a wide variety of workshops, seminars, and topics he is highly qualified to present.

His audiences enjoy his honesty, authenticity and sense of humor. His messages hit both the head and the heart with practical steps that move the listener toward the life they are meant to live.

When it comes to booking Dan to speak, he likes to begin with learning your needs and then creating something that will best serve you.

Here are topics that Dan is uniquely qualified to address:


  • Leadership of the HEART
    where leadership begins
  • Becoming a Transformational Leader
    five characteristics of leaders who are taken seriously
  • The Six Phases of Leader Development
    what grad school never taught me
  • Upside-Down Leadership
    givers, takers and how to get ahead in life


  • Finding Your Way Into Your Future
    Discovering the truth about you
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader
    Choosing integrity and impact
  • Leaving The Right Mark
    The difference one life can make

(the above are focused on college
and high school students)


  • Situational Parenting
    Adjusting parenting style based on your kid
  • Helping Kids Discover Who They Are
    Four game changing skills you can master
  • A Parent’s Most Power Weapon
    All you need is love (really?)


  • Staying Spiritually Centered
    And Helping Your Kids Do The Same
  • Self-Leadership
    Leading my life from a quiet center
  • The Power of a Whisper
    Being a force for good in this world

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