No one wants to settle for a mediocre life.

Just imagine if we could discover, unlock and unleash the best of you and your friends on this world? Everything would be better, everyone would be happier, and your family, school, work-place, city, and state would benefit.

Our vision is that you and all your friends understand, celebrate and make your best life contribution. The Finding Your Way Process can help each of us reach this goal.

Join the movement. Here’s how . . .


Send an email to all your friends letting them know about Finding Your Way. Tell them to check it out at



First, experience personally the FYW process. Invite a couple friends to read the book and together work through the journal process. Both yours, and your friends, personal stories of discovery are important and powerful.


If you know someone who is both successful and has a desire to see young people succeed, challenge them to gift every graduating senior at your local high school with a copy of Finding Your Way. They can get books for 50% off if they do that. We would love to speak with them if they have this interest. You can email us their information by filling out the form below.


Create a post on Facebook or Tweet out to all your friends that they need to check out the book and process at [dvk_social_sharing]


Share with the leaders at your high school, college, university or place of employment the book and process. If you send us the name and address of a key person of influence there we will send them a gift copy of the book. This might be a principle, coach, admissions counselor, respected teacher, boss, or supervisor…just find out who the key decision making person of influence is and we will let them know more about Finding Your Way. You can email us their information be filling out the form below.

Let Us Know!

Do you have a leader that you want us to send a book to? Do you have an entrepreneurial friend that we can contact? Send us their info (below) and we’ll get on it!


Be part of the Finding Your Way movement and unexpected things will happen. You will inspire someone to make the contribution they were born to make. You will help a friend live an extraordinary life. You will brighten the future. Be part of Finding Your Way and you will help change to world one life at a time.